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System Requirements

This ebook has been tested on desktop and tablet versions of:

  • Google Chrome 59
  • Safari 11
  • Firefox 57
  • Internet Explorer 11

We are unable to support older browsers at this time. The ebook has been designed for a minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 to support tablet devices held in a horizontal position. Internet connectivity is required.

If you are having technical difficulties, please update your browser to the latest version.

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Map Navigation

Each chapter in this guide, with the exception of the pharmacology section, includes an interactive map that provides a visual representation of the clinical approach to the situation. You can click on cells and icons in the map to navigate to sub-maps, access task descriptions or link to the clinical approach map in other situations.

Interactive map
Interactive maps appear at the top of all pages with exception of the Pharmacy section.

When viewing a map, you will see several icons and colours that perform specific functions:

Blue cell in flowwchart diagram with sub-map icon (overlapping black boxes with arrow extending outwards).

Blue cells open sub-maps within the same approach map.

Blue cell with a link out icon (white box with arrow pointing outward).

Blue cells with a link-out icon jump to an approach map for a situation other than the one you are currently viewing.

Flow map diagram with map key in the upper right highlighted.

Some maps contain sub sections. You can identify whether you are looking at a sub-section by the map key on the upper right. The map key indicates where you are in the overall clinical approach to the situation by a red line. You can return to an overview of the approach by selecting the map key.

Box with triangle pointing right inside box.

The triangle facing right icon indicates that a secondary task is associated with the cell and is revealed when the shape is selected.

Filmstrip icon (camera film strip).

The filmstrip icon displays a video related to the section of the map you are currently viewing.

Document icon (paper shape).

The document icon changes the text content below the map to the rationale for the task or consideration. When highlighted with an orange line, it indicates which task you are viewing in the current map.


When printing a page with an approach map, the approach map graphic may not appear in the printed document by default. In order to include the approach map graphic in your printed document you need to include background graphics in your print settings.

The background printing setting as found on Google Chrome. The background graphics checkbox is highlighted.
The background printing setting as found on Google Chrome. All browser support printing of background graphics but the setting may be in a different location than shown in this image.

To save the description/rationale of a task, choose, Save to PDF in your print dialog settings.


At the top of each page the "Cite this Page" menu item provides the citation for the page you are looking at where appropriate.